About Us

Who Are We you Ask?

Excited that you'd ask. Some of the traits to help describe TechVita Hosting - and of which you'd soon come to reailse yourself would be...

  • Passionate.
  • Honest.
  • Ready.
  • Helpful.
  • Dependable.

"Supporting Personal and Small Business Endevours with Private and Exclusive Hosting Plans that suit you"

We are a growing entity and we have always enjoyed a professional+enjoyable relationship with our Customers. We want to continue this trend as we grow and expand. We believe our relationship should start openly and full, enabling us to operate at our best at all times.

Our Mission

To aid those looking to get a 'spot' online, whatever the cause. We actively try to be involved and provide assistance, with whatever it is you seek to achieve online.

The Power of a Managed Service Provider

TechVita Limited can help make the transition from old, tired and 'grinding my gears' work - to a more efficient, tranquil and operational motion. We're not only here providing custom Hosting Solutions to our Customers, but we do 'Managed Services' really well to. When you're ready to, you can talk to us about anything...Data, Printers, Telecoms, Firewalls, Internet, GPS, Point of Sale/Tills...you get the idea. If you require support for your Information and Technology requirements, we're there to.

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Domains Registered.


Happy People.





Our Star🤩

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