Acceptable use (AuP)

Large File Policy
TechVita is not for file hosting and distribution – as such, customers may not host any files larger than 50MB in size that are observed to be available for the sole purpose of download. Such files include but are not limited to .ISO, audio/video files, .EXE files. If you are unsure whether your file is against this policy, raise a support ticket here
TechVita does not want you storing backups consuming GBs of storage space! This is why JetBackup has been enabled for ALL hosting packages (as of September 2020). All backups are managed (for free) by JetBackup and are stored off-site on active servers for improved performance and storage availability. Backups that are stored on users accounts for more than 24 hours may be deleted from TechVita maintained servers. Please do not keep scripts or any other backup utilities on our Servers.

Forging of Headers
Forging or misrepresenting message headers, whether in whole or in part, to mask the originator of the message is in violation of UK law. As such, TechVita may suspend, investigate and potentially cancel any account using forged headers to mask their content, identity, etc.