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Lasted Edited: 5th December 2022

TechVita Hosting is a Service provided by TechVita Limited. TechVita Hosting provides support for your personal and business Web Hosting needs. TechVita is a Limited Company and will entertain a professional and enjoyable relationship with its Customers. We want to continue this trend as we grow and expand.

This Legal Agreement is provided to help our Customers understand the responsibilities that we have, as well as the ones they must assume, when working with TechVita.

TechVita may modify this page from time to time. You are therefore advised to check this page to ensure that you remain updated with any changes in this Legal Agreement. With continuation and use of our Services, you indicate you accept our Agreement.


By entering into business with TechVita you agree to all the terms and conditions provided on this and as indicated on our other pages. Any user of our services, whether paid or gratis, are governed by this Agreement.


This is an explanation to ensure you understand what is meant by the following when we say;

Terms & Updates

The Terms and Conditions in this Agreement will change as Internet Technology develops and Internet standards change. By working with TechVita you signify acceptance of any such changes in the future. If you do not agree with a change in our Terms and Conditions/Policiy Pages you may request a pro-rated refund if the request is received within 30 days of the change. Date of any changes to this Agreement will be recorded on our website here.

Prohibited Content & Actions

All services provided by TechVita may be used for lawful purposes only. Transmission, storage or presentation of any information, data or material in violation of any United Kingdom law is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:

Examples of Prohibited Content/Links:

Examples of Prohibited Actions:

Hosting usage

Most modern Websites even with moderately high web-traffic will be served online without a problem. Should you require specific Web Hosting needs and or Specifications, please reach out to us here.

Should we come to realise your Account is constantly identified with high-CPU usage, your Account MAY become Throttled.

Any Streaming Services are Unauthorized. This includes Audio, Video, or Data Streaming Services such as online Radio Programs, Large Podcasts, Movie Sharing or Video Screening Sites, VLogs, etc. Any Accounts that noticeably affect Shared Resources will have the option to migrate to a Dedicated Server and will be Charged additional monthly Fees based on this.


TechVita provides File, Database & Email backups for all Active and Entitled Accounts. As our Hosting Packages are customised on an individual-basis, JetBackup MAY not be included. Please speak to us if your Hosting Package does NOT include JetBackup.

Depending on Server Load at the time - Backups are typically performed daily between 01:00-03:00am GMT London UK Times, or more frequently, and are stored offsite with the last 14 days on retention.

Technical Support Responsibilities

TechVita does not provide free development or programming nor a free website and site-content maintenance for clients. Customers who do not have a webmaster should make an enquiry about TechVita Website Management Services.

Rule of Thumb for Shared Hosting

Should there be any Website issues and if the Customer can resolve them/resume functionality of their Website using cPanel/FTP access then the Customer MUST perform this Action using cPanel/FTP access.

Alternatively, if the Customer cannot or will not perform the Action using cPanel/FTP then TechVita will offer them the following options should we be contacted:

TechVita does not perform any hourly work on a Client Account without express confirmation and authorized payment from the Customer.

Suspension, Cancellation and Termination

TechVita strives to keep our Customer’s Accounts and Servers online 100% of the time. However, should we need to and we deem it necessary - we will Suspend, Cancel or Terminate Accounts for contravening any of our Policies.

Levels of Activity are defined as follows;


Temporary limiting an Account, Email or Website. A suspension is a temporary disruption of a Customer’s Service(s), where we expect the Service(s) to be reactivated at some point soon after.

We may suspend a Customer Account at any time for any reason below:

If a Customer is suspended, we will make every effort to contact the Customer and to facilitate the site’s recovery within legal means.

For certain issues, Suspensions are automatic and made by automatic systems. If you are Suspended, you must contact TechVita immediately to resolve the source of Suspension.


Stops Billing and Services for some or all Products/Services of an Account.

A cancellation of an Account occurs when a Customer desires to end all or part of their business with TechVita. When a Customer initiates a Cancellation, they can choose to do so immediately (usually actioned in real-time within 24 hours) or they can select a date to Cancel prior to their next Billing Cycle.

Please be advised that when a Cancellation is initiated, the Account is automatically Terminated at the time the Customer selects, and the data will be deleted simultaneously at that time.

A Customer requested Cancellation supersedes TechVita’s regular wait time of 30 days to delete data and the Account may be immediately Terminated with ALL DATA deleted.

If a Customer Cancels within 30 days of joining TechVita on their first sale, there is a 100% refund of Hosting Service fees, minus any Domain Name fees.

The following Services are not included under this Policy should any of the following incur a charge:

30 Day Risk Free Refunds MAY ONLY be available on Monthly Subscription Hosting Packages unless agreed otherwise before with us.

A Customer may be cancelled for any of the following reasons:


Deletion and removal of ALL DATA, including Customer Data.

A termination is a Final Cancellation of an Account, with ALL Customer Data due deletion from the Server. TechVita may Terminate an Account if it suspects or can validate any of the following:

Refund Processing

It is a Customers’ Responsibility to remove any and all data from TechVita servers PRIOR to requesting a Refund. Once a Refund is requested the Account may be immediately Terminated, without Confirmation. A Refund requested Cancellation supersedes TechVita’s regular wait time of 30 Days to delete data and the Account MAY be immediately Terminated along with ALL DATA.


TechVita requires payment in advance for most Hosting Services. As such, Customers are Responsible to ensure timely payment in advance of Service Dates to ensure continuity of Services. Failure to pay your Bill will result in Suspension, Cancellation and ultimately Termination.

Arrears and Missed or Late Payments

TechVita reserves the Tight to charge Late Fees for any missed Payments.

If a Customer has had multiple late Payments, TechVita may Require a Deposit for future Business equal to One Year of Service for the Subscribed Plan. This Deposit will be released and credited to the Customer Account after One Year of Timely Payments. Failure to Maintain Timely Payments will reset the clock of the Deposit, and will incur Late Fees. The Deposit will not be Refunded unless the Customer can Demonstrate One Year of Timely Payments. Once the One Year Probation period expires, the Customer will receive the Deposit back as a Credit for future Hosting (basically getting One Year free if the Service levels are the same.) This will not be Refunded as Cash or Credit to the Customer and may only be used with TechVita Web Hosting.

TechVita Reserves the Right to Charge a Reconnection Fee for any Websites that have been Cancelled due to Late or Missed Payments.

Refusal of Service

We reserve the Right to Refuse any new Accounts at our Sole Discretion. We also Reserve the Right to Refuse Service to any existing Customers if they have violated our ToS multiple times.

Limitation of Liability

Server uptime

TechVita Guarantees a 99.9% Service (http, ftp, dns, pop, imap, smtp) uptime on all Hosting Accounts. Should we Fail to Deliver this for any given Calendar Month, your Account will be Refunded a Pro-rated Amount for the Duration of Excessive Downtime.

Information Automatically Logged

We use your IP Address to help Diagnose problems with our Server and to Administer our Web Site. We use this Information for no other Reason. Our Logs are made available to Law Enforcement only under Certain Circumstances, as listed below under Third Parties.


This Site has Security Measures in place to Protect the Loss, Misuse, and Alteration of the Information under our Control. We use Strong SSL Encryption to ensure your Privacy.

Third Parties

Information Collected on this Site is strictly for our use and no others, such as Third Party Businesses.

However, TechVita may Disclose information, including, but not limited to, information concerning a Customer, a Transmission made using our Network, or a Web Site, in order to comply with a Court Order, Subpoena, Summons, Discovery Request, Warrant, Statute, Regulation or Governmental Request.

TechVita may also use any Details from a Customer's Account or Tickets to Validate or Refute any Publicly-made Statements about TechVita on Social Media or any other Review Site.


TechVita Ltd may revise its Policies for its website at any time without notice. By using this website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these terms of service/use.

Legal Contact Information

Email: [email protected], freephone UK on 0808 1785 121. These are our quickest and preferred methods of Contact regarding yours & our Privacy. By continuing to use our website, it will be regarded as acceptance of our practices around Privacy and Personal information. If there are any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us.

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